What You Need to Know About Using Drones for Utility Inspections

When introducing new technology to the workplace, we have to think about the benefits that those services bring.  AUI brought in UAV(unmanned aerial vehicles) to help us inspect our projects with safety and efficiency in mind.  We are able to inspect work sites that could potentially be hazardous for our workers, and use high-resolution photos, thermal imagery, or use streaming video to inform crews of any dangerous conditions that require special precautions prior to entering the work zone.

Costs to run aerial inspections using our drones is reduced drastically when compared to manned flight, with the added benefit of schedule flexibility.  AUI has a crew ready to go to your job site and start capturing vital information.  Any images and data collected are reviewed for consistency and accuracy after the flight is complete, and a full report is generated for inspection projects showing equipment deficiencies and any abnormal conditions.

Using state-of-the-art thermal imagery, AUI’s Infrastructure Inspections team can verify quality control and provide assurance that your construction was completed successfully, and also that existing equipment is still operating safely under load with no interruptions to service. The level of detail in our aerial inspections create images that you can read the part numbers on small bolts – while maintaining a safe distance away from structures and other obstacles. Reducing any potential issues also introduces the benefits of nearly removing the environmental impact entirely, as we are able to remain in the air while our crew is parked far enough away to keep an eye on the equipment for precautionary measures.

All-in-all, the use of drones has become a very popular method to inspect utilities – and at AUI, we are continuing to research additional methods to remain on the cutting edge, and look for more ways to remove our workers from harms way, so we can go home safe at the end of every day!